Spring 2019:  Follow-on investments in:   LaborChart:  http://laborchart.com <http://laborchart.com/> also Rack Performance:    http://www.rackperformance.com <http://www.rackperformance.com/> also Firebrand Ventures:   http://www.firebrandvc.com <http://www.firebrandvc.com/>

Spring 2018:  LaborChart – http://laborchart.com   LaborChart helps construction companies optimize their labor allocation and utilization across job sites throughout their operating geography.   Functionality for dispatching, scheduling and forecasting – for both General Contractors and Specialty Contractors.

Fall 2017:  Bungiiwww.bungii.com Bungii provides “just in time” accessibility for short haul “local” pickup load transport.  The mobile app instantly connects you to a local driver and pickup truck to help move, haul & deliver your stuff across town.

Summer 2017:  Rack Performance, LLC (Lenexa,KS) www.rackperformance.com Comprehensive visual workflow systems for strength and conditioning programs.   Complete customized systems for Athletes, set by their Coaches. Complete data management for each individual’s progress through programs.

Spring 2017: Vendorful (New York, Lexington, KY) http://www.vendorful.com/ Vendorful combines education, data, software and tools to save organizations time while optimizing outcomes for both purchasers and vendors.

Spring 2017:  Firebrand Ventures (KansasCity)  http://www.firebrandvc.com/  Firebrand Ventures is a private equity company focused on investments in midwest based software and internet companies.

2016: RTO Benefits, LLC (Lenexa, KS) http://rtobenefits.com  Technology for automated benefit Plan Document generation, and Non-discrimination testing – compliant with Department of Labor, and Internal Revenue Service regulations. “Under the covers” functionality with a “private label” UI for each client.

2016: Tonic Health (Palo Alto, CA) (www.tonicforhealth.com)  Provides high-touch patient data collection tools and real-time CRM functionality to dramatically improve the process of gathering, analyzing and acting upon patient data. Secure and HIPAA-compliant, and interfaces with existing EMR installations and other backend databases.