The perceptiveEQUITY team includes Scott Coons, Cary DeCamp and Tim Helton.

We’ve enjoyed various pursuits over time – but the most fun was building a great company called Perceptive Software. That company was acquired by Lexmark, Inc.

Individually, and together, we’ve invested in over 30 technology companies.  We frequently invest with other private equity firms.   We've served on various boards, and served as strategic advisors for emerging growth companies – with many of these pursuits being with companies outside the Kansas City area.

Via perceptiveEQUITY, we provide early stage funding, and amplified advisor engagement and support for a handful of technology Companies inside the Kansas City/Lawrence corridor.

We have experience as operators.  We know what it takes to achieve solid growth – on a consistent and predictable basis – and what it takes to manage through that sort of growth.  It is challenging.

We expect to bring our experience, connections and influence to bear on selected companies in the area.